Matsutake café is a locally owned café servicing a full line of specialty with different options to the same ingredients. The customer can enjoy the dining atmosphere. They can also place their choices of Italian, Western and Bhutanese with the same ingredient but in a completely unique style. Locally or globally, it is very competitive to meet the needs of the customers and to maintain that customer satisfaction. Therefore, Matsutake café will provide unique experiences in particular to the menu. The surrounding plating, the taste and the services we shall provide would contain the best of required and shall be one of its kinds. Matsutake café, located in the centre (heart) of the capital city will cover around 30-40 customers (guests) per day Matsutake café will have a classic prints around the wall with classic amenities.
Desiring to return to own business, I wish to establish matsutake café. The foundation for the plan is a combination of primary and secondary researches upon the marketing strategies are built.
Renovation classic in modern style period which reflects the food and menu in the organic like we can use pine needle and local product or kitchen garden which we can use as our plus point where people have no idea on it.
To ensure Gross National Happiness enlightens through food.
To provide the best hospitality to our customers and serve them the best menu in the city
To work hard in providing the best moments to our customers “Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art”
“With smile, we shall work… With respect we shall serve”
To provide the best menu in the city and serve the best to our customer, the Revenue shall increase steadily.